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2 weeks ago

s i x months 💍❤️ When we first met I fell for your shy but cute confidence and then I realized that under that mask, you have a truly beautiful heart. I fell for your kind, loving personality and humor. When we met up alone for the first time, my heart was pounding right out of my chest, my hands were trembling next to yours, and my mind was racing with questions and emotions. Then, when you looked into my eyes and flashed me that smile, it’s like the whole world just stopped. I think that’s when I truly fell for you. When I realized that our broken pieces fit together, and the parts of me that I had once lost, I had now found again with you. Maybe we’re just another cheesy, sappy love story, but that’s okay. You’re worth more than just a couple pages. You’re worth the world, so I decided to give you mine and make me yours 👫❤️ #fianceé #hubby #dubai #dxb #uae #engagement