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3 days ago

Erm #hello #beautiful shiny thing 😍 For those that don't know my story with NM I joined three years ago and my biggest #goal was to be able to afford to pass my #driving test and buy a car for myself and the kids! 🚗 I #visualised everything about it, the car seats, the air freshener, the first song I'd play... honestly every detail mapped out.... well life got in the way, there was always something I had to pay for or I just didn't make the money I needed. I WAS MY BIGGEST BARRIER 🙈 M Network have just announced these #beauties are being placed in the kits 😍 can you guess what it is? ITS ONLY A FREAKING METAL CAR BADGE! 😱 and I've got one on its way to me... that's mr #universe doing his thing 💪 AND my provisional form is filled out with the £30 cash ready to pay for it 😭 it's happening! finally after 3 years my life is falling into place, my #dreams and my goals are becoming a #reality 💕 on top of that I've managed to get myself the new cooker I've been needing for 9 months AND it's all thanks to ME, MY #FAMILY , MY #FRIENDS , MY BEARDED ONE and of course MY KIDS! 😍 Now I'm not saying this is all down to M Network but it's definitely a big factor, let's not forget my new job at the salon too. It was me, the change I made, the decisions I chose and the fact I decided to tell myself I CAN 💪 I knew what I needed to do but could never quite find the bullets to fire to do it.... now my guns loaded 🔫🔥 seriously #overwhelmed 😭 #entrepreneur #business #happy #love #follow #beyou #believe #goforit